Sunday, May 29, 2011

Your Mind - Your Friend or Enemy?

I was all alone at home, all my housemates went to Hatyai. And I was really very tired yesterday night, so I slept around 9pm.

It was a match between Man. United vs Barcelona during midnight , the cheering was so tremendous it wakes me up around 3am in the morning.

So I woke up , wanna get some drinks, then I realize something.. something has changed. Something change makes me stunned for a second.

The position of the dustbin.
Normal Position
No one will touch the dustbin , because no one is at home

Last Night Position
I was like......stunned.
Then faster grab a knife and all my wallets handphones and rush into my room, with the heart pumping so hard and so fast !
Inside my room I was thinking , what should I do right now? 

Should I actually called the police? But will the police come because the football match is on air !   because it might all be my imagination?

But then right there at that time I was really panic, it is all playing in my mind:
Was "he" hiding somewhere ?
Was "he" calling his gangs up here to come take the things away?
Was "he" going to take a weapon here and kill me?
Was it just the wind? That blows the dustbin to the door? But it is really ridiculous as it blows until too chun liao.
I know right now it sounds so stupid, but then seriously, it was all that that is playing in my mind right at that time, I really don't know what to do.

I try to lie down on my bed, but when I heard any one small sound , I straight wake up, ready to attack =.=" And that goes on for quite a few times until I got really fed up, I relax myself, calming myself down with the NLP that I have learned, then just go to sleep.

So somehow one thing went missing only, which is my specs ( I supposed I misplaced it, why would anyone want my specs). I think the main reason the dustbin change in position was the wind.
Now I think why people will go into depression already, they start thinking lots of things that never happen in their mind, small things can actually be amplified to big things.

I think this applies to everything in our life, we are always playing something or a scenario that never have happened before, causing us not to take one step forward and always staying where we are.

Our mind is our friend, and might be our enemy as well, control your mind control your life.

We are in charge of our mind and therefore our results

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