Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Am Finally Graduating!

At the age of 18, I have left home for the first time, I am gonna start to study at UTAR!

When I first came, I always wanted to go back home, wanted to go back to meet my friends, my ex-girlfriend, my family and I missed the food so much!

My first class in foundation is TD4.
Foundation TD4
I love these guys, I still remember during semester 2, the whole class always go out for lunch, always busy finding for chairs and tables just to fit everyone around, and we get all different types of person around the class. 
Our class rep at that time was Fui Peng, she was a very nice person, too nice until always being bullied Or maybe just me..haha..

Then, it comes the time, at the end of foundation, we have to leave each other and separate to different class and different course and some different Uni, because we are entering Degree!

The most important thing I realized when I leave foundation is, I studied so hard during foundation, and I missed out so many stuffs during that year, then I know, coming to Uni is not about studying ONLY, that is not the main thing.
The main thing was to enjoy the Uni Life, the Student Life, 
because once that day pass, I am no more labeled as "Student" but a "Working Adult".


At PJ, I wasn't very close with the Actuarial Science student, I was in fact very close with another gang, which was the Talent Night Gang.
Talent Night

From there, I know the greatest person in UTAR who have taught me inside out of the University, and let me get exposed to the real life outside, Fan Ya Fu, and I appreciate and feel lucky that this guy come to my life, teach me so many things and let me be aware WHAT IS and WHAT IS GOING TO actually happening around me . Really thank you , Hao Lian Fan.
One of the most HaoLian people I have ever met, and I really get to meet a lot of Hao Lian but talented people in my life, and I really appreciate that!  [Link post to 你好胜吗? ]

I then realized a threat that I am facing before moving to Setapak. If I move to Setapak, I have no close friends around at Setapak, what should I do? I really need to do something.
Like what the Law of Attraction states, If you ask for it, you got it. And I got one bunch of friends/housemates who I have stayed together so closely with in my 2 years at Setapak.

Really thanks to you guys for accepting me and also the time that we have passed by together, it will never be the same again without you guys!

I was actually very depressed when I come to Setapak, because I hate this place, I still do actually, the whole place is such in a mess, and there is no nice food around, how am I going to stay here man. I think what motivates me was the friends around.

Then, like what everything was expected, during the last semester of the final year, the whole course start to unite, because everyone is going to leave each other, everyone is going to chase their dreams, everyone is going to be the "Working Adult". 

I had so much fun with my coursemates, we took the chance to take so freaking lot of photos together, because deep down inside us, we know something so well, we are going to leave, we are going to separate and we are not going to meet each other everyday like now anymore.

I do not know whether did I fail you guys as a Course Representative but I do hope I did not offended you guys unintentionally and I would like to apologize for all the mistakes that I have done to piss you guys off.

Some lecturers and tutors who really make my life interesting in UTAR.

Most Guai Lan Lecturer - Mr.Gabriel Lim 耍赖
I really like this guy la, how can he be so guai lan and so hao lian and so smart at the same time
Guai Lan Lecturer's Fiancée and KNS Lecturer 
Hamsap and Emo Tutor

At the same time, I really appreciate the existence of my current girlfriend, Jie Yan. I love you so much for being here for me to be bullied all the time and still take so much care for me and be there for me whenever everytime and anytime that I need you. You are the most wonderful person on earth. 

Really thanks to you guys for being part of my life, I will miss you guys and miss the moments that we are together during the not so happy times and the happy times.

p/s: 我没有emo


  1. HI!!!! You probably don't remember me, but I still do occasionaly pop into your blog xD
    But congratulations, soon-to-be-graduate!! =D

    Fiona Soong

  2. Sure Fiona, how can I forget you? hahaha.. Thx gal ~ Hope to see you soon and take care !


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