Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Study, for what ?? Part II

It's really fast as right now we are all facing our FINAL final examinations at UTAR, and we have just finished two subjects.

I'm always testing out different methods of studying which suits me the most and also which is more effective and gets the best result. During this semester, maybe it is the last semester, I just wanna get over with it and start a whole new journey, and not much changes can we made to our current result, so basically this semester is just for me to pass by and say bye bye.

For some of the subjects I have taken for the past 3~4 years, if you ask me now, what did I learn from the subject, I can honestly and frankly tell you

"No, I don't understand anything about that subject."

"Then how did you pass the test?"

"The best thing about Actuarial Science students is we are able to come out with a number without understanding the concept behind, and we know all the workings and how it should be, but when it comes to the real thing.... BLANK."

During my foundation, I was thinking ...
Why do we need to bother about coursework marks? As long as you get full marks, Then OK Liao , simple as that!

During my degree, I am thinking ...
How many marks I still need to get my A ar? How many marks I still need to pass ar?
How come the lecturers don't want to give back the coursework mark, xiao ar ? How to calculate ???

And I feel so ashamed of myself studying based on the tips, tips are given doesn't means that we have to use it, but sadly enough, especially for this semester, I depend so much on the tips, so much that I only study what is given in tips, nothing extra!
Is it because I know that I'm not going to pursue Actuarial path any more?
Or is it because I just don't find any purpose in studying some of the subject?

For everything that we do, we have to know our purpose, and the objective and goal that you want to achieve from that.
That goes the same for the subject we are studying,

If we were to know the purpose of studying that subject and to know how can we apply in the future later, I believe it will be much more interesting than just knowing the "Steps & Formulas" for each questions, feel so dull and boring.

Maths, the main thing is not the calculation, is not the steps, the main thing is about how you can use the information gathered  to bring  benefit for you and others, and is about telling a story from the result that we get.
I'm not saying that the lecturer did not do a good job, I'm just saying that I should shift my focus not just on how to face the exam but rather how to apply it.

I feel so ashamed of myself as if I choose this course because someone want me to, but not self initiated.
It's really a very big difference when you choose to do something on your own will, or other people's will.

When people ask you to do something, 
you feel as if you are doing for someone else.

When you initiate yourself to do something, 
you feel as if you are doing for yourself.

Which one will you put more effort in ?

Part I : Study, for what??


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