Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Reputation Is So Important

Our name is our brand, we must take whatever it takes to maintain this brand.
It takes a very long time to build a good reputation, but it takes a while to build a bad reputation.
Let me give you a good example on why reputation is so important.

Happens few weeks ago, we have a mock interview with our lecturer.

We have to submit a cover letter and resume to the lecturer, and I was really rushing for time, then I took my girlfriend's cover letter, and just copy everything, except changing the name to my name.

I was the first one who went and interview, then the next one is my girlfriend.

Guess what the lecturer told her.

"From your cover letter, it's very obvious that copy from Guan Han. You must have a good attitude in work, how can you copy this kind of thing?"

"No no , it's Guan Han copy from me. "

*Lecturer don't care at all*

So moral of the story, you must have a good name ^^


  1. u so bad, lol. pity ur gf, how can let u go 1st, she should go 1st, see that time u hav brand or not, hahaha...
    mayb the lecturer will say, good job,u hav choose a better font from hers(sarcasting), lol

  2. hahaha... don't get distracted too much by the content, it's just an example.. the most important thing is still the moral of the story


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