Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Neuro Linguistic Programming

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What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP?) 
They actually have very "chim" kind of explanation, to put it in "Laymen's Term" , 

We have user manual for handphones, for electronics, for setting up furniture, and etc etc.

NLP is like the User Manual to the Brain.
Author: Bob. G. Bodenhamer
Author: L. Michael. Hall
We communicate all the time, How often we really start to communicate with our own brain EFFECTIVELY. 

Do you know that we have 3 brains ? 
The left, The right, and the Subconscious ( Actually this is just a metaphor).

So very sadly speaking, we are always using only 10% of our mind, and the powerful one who is controlling your character, your thinking, your emotions, your results, is the other 90%.

Although we are human beings, we are just like robots. We are repeatedly doing the same thing using the same procedure over and over again, unconsciously.

Have you ever ask yourself when you wear your pants, which leg goes into the pants 1st, try using the other leg.

Have you ever ask yourself how do you buy something from a shopping mall, it might be just the same way on how you choose your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.

NLP can actually help to eliminate negative elements within our mind, e.g. Procrastination, Anger, Fear, Sadness etc and also help you to optimize the positive elements within yourself, e.g. Confidence, Motivated etc.

If you can see someone with confidence
You can be confident too
Because you can only identify elements that you have it within you

We learn how to build rapport in the deepest unconscious level
We learn how to change behaviour or patterns
We learn how to help people to achieve peak performance in their area.
And Many many more~

Is it that someone is richer compare to another, or result is better than the other, is because of pure dumb luck? Can pure luck last that long?
I never believe in luck, I only believe in decisions and choices that I have made.

Someone is rich, because he made the decision he wants to be one.
Someone is great, because he made the decision to be great.

You are in charge of your mind, and therefore your results.

With NLP, I am actually more aware of my own emotions, the people surrounding me, the behavior of people around me, I am yet to master the NLP that I have learned, but I believe constant practice will help to gain mastery. I'm actually very glad that I took the effort to learn this knowledge.

All comments and opinions or questions regarding NLP are welcomed, do drop me a message in the comment box below.


  1. When you want teach me this thing? Lol

  2. Hey I learnt this in Psychology! :D

  3. Haha..yeah daryl.. I think it consist some psychology stuffs..not so sure what do you study in psychology though.

    chuan zai..hahaha.. you never ask me to teach u also..hahah

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